Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Everything's Better

Song: Everything's Better
Artist: Lola Kite
Album: Lights

Lola Kite are an electropop/rock band from Amsterdam, Netherlands, "Lights," released this year, is their debut album.

I've been really digging this album though am having trouble finding much info on the band.  Their official site is in Dutch, and while you can listen to some tunes, there isn't much info on their MySpace page.  I'll just try my best...

Lola Kite are foremost a rock band, though they use electronic/electropop elements in their songs.  There is a 60's pop vibe in there, a little surf, and some driving beats, some even dated, to bring home their particular brand of pop music. It's an odd mix, and despite not knowing much but the music itself, I'm finding myself quite charmed.

Their influences seem a bit all over the place, yet begin to make sense with more plays.  From Radiohead, Animal Collective, and Panda Bear, to Love, The Zombies, and yes the Beatles... the band looks to the 60's for their pop-psychedelic vibe, while maintaining the indie rock edge.

First single "Different Story" is filled with hand claps and world music influences, while maintaining an airy, almost space-like feel.  I'm really liking the upbeat New Wave of "Everything's Better," which chugs along with a bit of a male-lead Go-Go's vibe until the chorus kicks in, and then I hear a little "Runaway" by Del Shannon.  This is a summer by the ocean track.  Fun.

I like this bands mix of old and new sounds, with the focus on pop song craft.  Give them a listen.


Everything's Better

Different Story

Don't Stop the Music (Rihanna cover... crazy!)

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