Thursday, February 17, 2011

White Horse

Song: White Horse
Artist: Jessica 6
Album: White Horse

While I'm still trying to get into the new Hercules and Love Affair record, I'm realizing that one of its biggest debts, is the vocalist that just don't hold it together like Antony Hegarty and Nomi Ruiz did on the debut.  I'd gone back and gave their debut a spin and marveled at how much they sounded alike, and how much that helped that album sound like a whole.

Antony of course had his own band, the Johnsons, but Ruiz did not, and has recently formed Jessica 6 along with Andrew Raposo and Morgan Riley who put a modern spin on 70's disco and 90's house.  A little like... Hercules and Love Affair.

Jessica 6 are working on their debut album "See the Light" for release this year and have released "White Horse" as their debut single.  I've been living with it for a couple weeks and  have really gotten into it.  A throbbing, spacey disco track that is immediately elevated once Nomi Ruiz' vocals float through.

I just found that Jessica 6 released an E.P. prior with a single called "Fun Girls," a sexy dance track with chugging guitar and once again, Ruiz' killer vocals.  The E.P. contains the single and a slew of remixes.  I'm officially looking forward to hearing more form this band, this sounds great.

You can find out more about the Brooklyn-based band on their MySpace page, Facebook, or official.


Fun Girls

Good to Go (live)

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