Thursday, January 06, 2011

I Can't Afford It

Song: I Can't Afford It
Artist: Wendy Ho
Album: Yes, I'm a Ho!

Back in early August last year I highlighted a comedian/singer named Wendy Ho I'd seen here in New York a couple years ago as I'd come across her again and a bit of a controversy in which the TV show "nip/tuck" stole (or heavily borrowed from) her persona.  Her one single "Bitch, I Stole Your Purse" was a cute, if vulgar comedy track that despite being one-joke was actually pretty listenable.  At the time I also found a video touting her new album, "Yes, I'm a Ho."  The video was so funny... I questioned if it could possibly be real.

Take a look...

So wouldn't you know... it was real, and the album is out.  "Yes, I'm a Ho!" is vulgar, puerile, hysterical, and rather catchy.  I'd complained that she seemed to be a one-joke act, and that her songs followed suit. But listening to the album something else becomes very clear... this girl can really really sing.  Joke slow jams such as "Gurl, Putcho Tampon In" and "Lucky Man" sound pretty authentic, if not for what she's singing about.

"I Can't Afford It" is honestly one of her tamer songs and yet... totally offensive.  But very very funny, and again... well sung.  Her album goes more for 70's style disco than the faux-hip-hop/dance of "Purse," but it certainly doesn't sound dated.  Listening to her, and how good she sounds, one could almost feel bad she's "waisting" a pretty great talent as a vocalist.  But then again, what she is doing certainly hasn't been done before.

Check out her official site here.  You can buy "Yes, I'm a Ho!" for $10 directly from her site here. As well as preview all the tracks in full.  But you can also get her "mixtape" "Number 2" completely for free right here.  "Number 2" features the album preview above as well as skits and re-worked songs that she Ho-afies.  Most notable is "Poop Noodle," which takes Alicia Bridges' disco smash hit "I Love the Nightlife" and... well... I can't even type it.  You're just going to have to watch it:

Poop Noodle

Obviously, Wendy Ho is a love-her or hate-her kind of artist.   I completely understand if you watched the above video and shut it down after twenty seconds of pure horror.  But there is also a chance that you're trying to read this sentence through gut-busting induced tears.

If that's the case, you're welcome... if not, my apologies.


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