Friday, August 06, 2010

Bitch, I Stole Your Purse

Song: Bitch, I Stole Your Purse
Artist: Wendy Ho
Album: The Gospel According to Ho

Well, here is something very silly to get your Friday going.

Wendy Ho the brash, extremely vulgar, and kind of mesmerizing, comedian/rapper/actress and the center of a (minor) controversy originates out of Kansas City, had a long stint in New York City where she honed her act, and is not based out of Los Angeles is about to release her sophomore album, "Yes I'm a Ho" this summer.  I first heard of Wendy Ho when I was working another female artist to the gay community, and had her join Ms. Ho as part of a variety show at a gay bar here in NYC.  She performed her then new single, "Bitch, I Stole Your Purse" which kind of blew me away... in a "is this like real?" kind of way.

Cut to many years later and I see a preview video for her new album... which I can't stop thinking about. Actually, I couldn't possibly describe what this is all about, so watch this:

So... it's COMPLETELY juvenile, and based on what I've seen, usually her "songs" are strictly one joke stretched to its limits and yet... I sort of can't stop thinking about it.  If you watched the above, I challenge you not to let the phrase "shake it out the leg" pop into your head throughout the day.

Admittedly, "Bitch, I Stole Your Purse" is so-so, even as joke tracks go.  But there is a certain energy and WTF?-ess to this woman's whole persona.  I dig.

Now what I didn't realize, is that Wendy Ho was at the center of a minor controversy back in 2009.  First, check out the video for "Purse" here:

NOW, check out this clip from the TV Show "nip/tuck" in which actress Jennifer Coolidge plays a white female rapper named Hot Coco who is getting an ass implant and shows her video for "Yo Stank"

Wow.  Well, apparently the show never gave any credit to Ho.  But yeah, they totally ripped her off.  More about that here.

I had to go to her website just to make sure that this album and its songs were really real.  It's "coming soon."  We'll see.


Check out Ho's stand up reel here:

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