Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baska Brother

Song: Baska Brother
Artist: Parov Stelar
Album: The Paris Swing Box

Here is a random find.  Parov Stelar is an Austrian Producer/DJ who heads up Etage Noir Records.  He began DJ'ing in the 90's and then started producing records in early 2000 under a variety of names until he settled on Parov Stelar.

Stelar has coined the term "Electroswing" to what he does... a mix of, get this... swing music and electro.  (Brilliant eh?)  Well, a quick listen to his latest EP, "The Paris Swing Box" and you'll get where he's from. Not surprising, his music has been used in a variety of car ads, I immediately thought of Yolanda Be Cool's International mega-hit "We No Speak Americano" as mixing some old-time sound with updated beats and production.  Though in the case of Stelar, it doesn't seem that he is relying on a past song to sample... this is new swing music he's written.

It's something that you immediately dig or just isn't your speed.  I liked it.  It's a bit more edgy beat-wise than the whole concept might let on.  "Baska Brother" is the first track and really tells you all you need know, but also check out "The Golden Boy," it's quite a banger.

The man has released seven albums since 2001, with "Coco" from 2009 being his latest.  He's released more than double that amount in EP's, with "Paris Swing Box" being the latest.  He has a best-of called "The Swing" I might check out as I'm digging this quite a bit. (Amazon has it listed as "Single Collection Volumes 1 & 2.)

You can learn more about Stelar by visiting his official website.


Baska Brother

The Golden Boy

The Paris Swing Box

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