Friday, November 05, 2010

I Need Air

Song: I Need Air (Feat. Angela Hunte)
Artist: Magnetic Man
Album: Magnetic Man

I'm not a huge fan of Dubstep (a descendant of breakbeat and drum & bass), but mysterious super group Magnetic Man have taken the formula and mixed it with a more mainstream approach.  The results are mixed, but I've found a couple tracks I'm digging from their self-titled debut, which was released last month.

Magnetic Man consist of DJ's Benga, Skream, and Artwork, who each take a different duty (drum samples, basses, leads & samples) on three different laptops while performing live.  They got their start in 2007, and got signed to Columbia early this year.  Their first and best charting single, "I Need Air" featuring vocals by Angela Hunte, was released this past July and are currently working second single "Perfect Stranger" with vocals by Katy B.

Again, I'm not very big into this genre and the album has a couple "lose me" moments of serious Dubstep instrumentals.  But if it's your bag... you might dig it.

I do like future single "Fire" featuring Ms. Dynamite, as well as the aforementioned "I Need Air," which is by far my favorite.  Album closer "Getting Nowhere" featuring John Legend is also interesting.  To me, the similar style of beats gets repetitive... but that's Dubstep.  That said, "I Need Air" is a must-hear single from this year... I'm just getting to it late.


I Need Air

Perfect Stranger


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