Monday, November 08, 2010

When I'm Small

Song: When I'm Small
Artist: Phantogram
Album: Eyelid Movies

A co-worker introduced me to this band last week and I've been hooked since.  Phantogram are an electronic duo from Saratoga Springs, NY consisting of singer-songwriters Josh Carter and Sarah Bethel.  Both sing depending on the track, their debut "Eyelid Movies," was released early this year.

Things kick in with first track, and first single, "Mouthful of Diamonds," a buzzy yet shimmering pop track that is buoyed by Barthel's vocals, and a steady beat.  But second track (and second single) "When I'm Small" really grabs you when it kicks in.  I hear a little xx, a little Portishead... is trip-hop back?

Actually, I've listened to this album a couple times and only since reading up on the band and the album have I heard "trip hop" used as a genre to put the band in.  I guess that fits... but the sound and this record in general doesn't quite fit that and shouldn't be written off as so.  A fellow musician from Saratoga Springs described their sound as "street beat, psych pop."  Sure I'll go along with that.  I find, in particular, they know how to pair simple guitar strumming with a killer beat.

I also really love "Running From the Cops," which has a sinister/sexy beat and some freak-out worthy psychedelic vocal effects.  "As Far As I Can See" has a little Saint Etienne vibe mixed in with their sound.  "Bloody Palms" immediately reminded me of 90's Alternative.  All in all, there is a lot to like on this record.


Mouthful of Diamonds

When I'm Small

Futuristic Casket

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