Monday, October 11, 2010

Stare Into the Sun

Song: Stare Into the Sun
Artist: Graffiti6
Album: Colours

Here's something a little different... singer/songwriter Jamie Scott, whom had toured with Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keyes as well as released some folk/soul records that weren't really taking off was introduced to producer TommyD (Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kylie Minogue, KT Tunstall, Right Said Fred) who immediately hit it off and recorded a couple tracks including "Stare Into the Sun," which was used for a TV campaign for UK's "The Sun" newspaper.  The success of the campaign and positive reaction to the song got the duo to write more together and after a series of singles and EP's, have finished their debut album "Colours," which came out this year.

The band's music is best described as 60's-style rock & soul... a-la The Beatles, with a modern dash of Ray Lamontagne and Amy Winehouse.  It sounds very classic without sounding "old" and is really just a great collection of songs.  Once I sort of thought of Winehouse (vocally it's totally different) I began to think that if the stars aline correctly... this record could be one of the more talked about of the year.

The first track that really jumped out at me was the dour "Goodbye Geoffrey Drake," a sad song that none-the-less has a mild groove to it.  Scott's vocals are really on display, and the emotion just pours through.  Singles "Annie You Save Me" and the aforementioned "Stare Into the Sun" are groovy, mid-tempo, hands-to-the-sun throwbacks.  I'm also loving the more upbeat "Free" and rockin' "Never Look Back."

This is really a great record and has he potential to be on some year-end best of lists.  It's a record that if you connect with any of the below songs, you'll dig the whole record.  Had a hard time to just picking one track to highlight.  Honestly... check this one out.


Stare Into the Sun

Annie You Save Me


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