Friday, October 08, 2010

Raise Your Glass

Song: Raise Your Glass
Artist: Pink
Album: Greatest Hits... So Far!!!

Pink is getting ready to release a greatest hits album this November entitled "Greatest Hits... So Far!!!" that spans her entire career and five studio albums.  I've read a couple conflicting reports, but Wikipedia is reporting that there are going to be four new tracks on the album, one being the new single "Raise Your Glass" as well as her version of "Whataya Want From Me," which she wrote last year for Adam Lambert.

"Raise Your Glass" is another super-catchy Max Martin-produced pop-rocker in the vein of her last smash "So What."  I'm a big Pink fan, and while this track initially seemed lack-luster, I guarantee you... two to three listens, and that chorus isn't leaving your head.  I'm currently listening to it non-stop, though it does have a little more-of-the-same feeling.  I was a little disappointed with "Funhouse" for this reason.  I really really loved "I'm Not Dead," and "Funhouse" almost felt like a sequel of sorts.  And I couldn't help, as much as I liked "So What," to feel that lyrically it was a little too negative in comparrison to the similar-sounding, but better written singles "Who Knew" and " U + Ur Hand."

But all that said, I still think Pink is one of the better and more interesting pop stars to emerge from that time.  She's pretty much stayed out of the tabloids (as much as she can) and just WORKS.  And you know what... I see "Raise Your Glass" being sung along to drunkenly all the way into the holidays and New Years.

The record is also coming in a Deluxe Edition with a DVD and apparently is the stepping stone to a new album being released early next year.

Anyhow, a happy Friday to you all, this shall kick it off.


Raise Your Glass

Who Knew


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