Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Shooting Stars

Song: Shooting Stars
Artist: Bag Raiders
Album: Bag Raiders

Bag Raiders are an electro duo from New South Wales, Australia, currently residing in Sydney.  Best known as a DJ duo, Chris Stracey and Jack Glass are just making waves as Bag Raiders with their first single "Shooting Stars," which became very popular among supporters of A-League soccer team Adelaide.    Their self-titled debut album came out just last week as they've been trying to gain traction with their new single, "Way Back Home."

"Bag Raiders" the album reminds me a bit of fellow countrymen Empire of the Sun with a lot less strange.  I also hear the pop bliss of Brooklyn's Shy Child, a touch of 80's on top of some modern indie-electro.  The M.O. is catchy dancefloor ready pop, which the band mostly achieves, even if the result is a little forgettable.

"Shooting Stars" is the clear stand-out on the album, yet there is still much to like here.  Each song is distinct despite most not having the killer hook that "Stars" has... it's odd, I'm sort of half-recommending the record, maybe I just need to listen a bit more.  Certainly, if this is your genre check out the whole album.

Very fun.


Shooting Stars

Way Back Home

Fun Punch

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