Tuesday, October 05, 2010

La Musique

Song: La Musique
Artist: Yelle
Album: La Musique

It seemed like it's been quite a lot of time since we heard from Yelle, the French electropop act consisting of singer Yelle, musician GrandMarnier, and producer Tepr.  I was always under the impression that Yelle, the girl was the band... but it turns out Yelle is a stage name, and the duo (minus Tepr) originally were calling themselves YEL or "You Enjoy Life," until finding out Belgian band was using the same name, hence Yelle.  (I'm honestly not sure how I much I believe all of this, thank you Wikipedia, as the page originally had some story about them meeting at a party while she ate marshmallows.)  But ANYHOW...

I loved their debut album "Pop-Up" from 2007, a mix of super-catchy electro, semi-bratty vocals, and some wink-wink naughty lyrics... all in French.  I really dug the entire album, despite not knowing what she was singing about.  Ha... pop music!  The band recently did a French-language cover of Robyn's "Who's That Girl" recently, and has now released "La Musique," a new single that is expected to be on a forthcoming album.

The song may have not hit me the way that prior singles "À cause des garçons"      and "Ce Jeu" did... but I'm liking it, and interested to hear more from the album.


La Musique

Ce Jeu


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