Thursday, October 07, 2010

Down to Love

Song: Down to Love
Artist: Hot Toddy
Album: Late Night Boogie

With indie-dance music leaning so much on the past, it's a surprise when a straight-up new disco record comes out that really sounds... disco.  While many indie-electro bands are leaning on the 80's sound, they also seem to cherry-pick the 70's for the already future-sounding-sounds that that decade is unfortunately not given enough credit to.

"Hot Toddy" is the moniker for UK one-man-band Chris Todd.  Todd has been in the music business for over ten years with a handful of indie releases here and there under different names.  According to his MySpace page (the only info I found on him) he claims to be best known for his work in the band Crazy P(enis) who I've never heard of.   He also lists his influences, and based on "Late Night Boogie," there are those that I hear (Prince, Chic, Moodyman) and those I don't (Pixies, The Beach Boys, The The.)

Regardless, "Late Night Boogie" is a really great record.  There are quite a few instrumentals sprinkled in, but many songs contain the sultry vocals of Jennifer Rhonwen.  The height of the collaboration, and album centerpiece, is the mid-tempo elegance of "Down to Love." It's got everything a killer disco single needs, some cheesy effects, some chimes, and of course those cooing vocals.  Nice.

I also like the slow build of "Won't Let Go," as well as the inescapable hand-claps and boogie guitar of "Flotation Tank."  If you've been missing disco, but find that the current indie-dance artists go a little to far... this might be your bag.


Down to Love


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