Friday, October 01, 2010


Song: Obsolète
Artist: MC Solaar
Album: Prose Combat

If you've been thinking to yourself; "man, I don't have enough laid back French hip-hop," today is your day!  Well, honestly MC Solaar is the ONLY French hip-hop I know.  My good friend Greg introduced me a couple years ago with a couple tracks from his excellent breakthrough album, "Prose Combat" from 1994.  He's got an impossibly smooth flow that in French sounds like an amazing aural pastry.  Creamy, delicious, and as it turns out... not that bad for you. Haha.

"Combat" was his second album, breaking him from the French underground to the international stage.  He's released seven total albums with "Chapitre 7" from 2007 being his last.  Lyrically his work has covered many issues, often political, with the plight of Black people who migrated to France looking to make a living.  The song "La Belle et Le Bad Boy" from "Chapitre 7" was used prominantly in the final episde of "Sex and the City," as well as an episode of MTV's "The Hills."

I'm not familiar with a lot of his work, but "Prose Combat" is a bit of classic and worthy a listen.  I've always loved the vibe of "Obsolète," despite not knowing anything of what he's saying.  I hadn't listened to this in a while, and doing more research on him has made me interested in hearing more.  But "Obsolète" is another track that is on just about every chill out playlist I put together.  Good stuff.



Solaar Pleure

La Belle et Le Bad Boy

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