Monday, October 04, 2010


Song: Brotherhood
Artist: Cassius
Album: The Rawkers

So it's Monday morning, you're a little groggy... and WeCastMusic has your cure.  Put on "Brotherhood" the first track from the new Cassius E.P. entitled "The Rawkers."  It's an instrumental that begins slow, building upon itself, until it begins to boil... and you begin to wake up.  It's got a groove that is all but inescapable.  Amazing.  Awake now?

Cassius are a French house duo that I have known very little of.  I was only familiar with their 1999 single "Feelings For You" from the album "1999," because I had the Les Rythmes Digitales (AKA Stuart Price, Thin White Duke, etc.) mix which I loved.  But I never got the album, and a single released in July 2009, "Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes," didn't grab me enough to find it WeCast-able.  But, this E.P. immediately got my attention... enough so that I went back and got their three full proper albums.  And what I've been missing!

The band was formed back in 1988 and consists of (stage names) Philippe Zdar and Boom Bass.  They incidentally got their start by producing albums for... MC Solaar!  After their fist single as Cassius, "Foxxy" got them some minor attention, they began remixing such other French electronic artists as Air and Daft Punk.  They suddenly broke the UK top ten with the single "Cassius 1999," followed by the album.

The three Cassius album that I am currently trying to get myself through are all very good yet wildly different in their tone.  The band certainly hasn't been prolific though... the follow up, "Au Reve" came in 2002, and their last full length, "15 Again," was released in 2006.  "The Rawkers" is only six tracks, mostly instrumental (which I am rarely into) but really love the beats and vibe of this release. Some hot stuff.  From the epic "Shark Simple," to the Moby-esque "I <3 U So," it's just an E.P., but at just under thirty minutes, it feels like an album.

I am really really digging this other Cassius stuff and you just might see me highlight their other albums down the road.



I <3 U So

Les Enfants

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