Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ghost Trains

Song: Ghost Trains
Artist: Erlend Oye
Album: Unrest

Possibly best known from the soft rock duo Kings of Convenience, Norway's Erlend Oye has also released a downtempo electronica solo album entitled "Unrest" in 2003, done vocals for Royksopp, and most recently formed The Whitest Boy Alive, whom I highlighted earlier this year.  I've always LOVED the track "Ghost Trains" from "Unrest," and after getting into The Whitest Boy Alive I finally got the whole album... which I actually liked better than TWBA.

Erlend's got a great soothing voice that married to the cool mid-tempo electronica, really just works.  "Unrest" is a great disco chill out record, not only for the production... but Erlend also writes actual songs... versus just soundscapes.

Erlend also did a DK Kicks compilation back in 2004 which I have not yet listened to, but am interested.  He certainly has a through line that runs through all of his work that I really connect with.  He's got a dorky charm to his vocals, but his production work is really spectacular.

Currently Erlend is back in Bergan Norway (where he grew up) not touring with The Whitest Boy Alive or Kings of Convenience.  He's deeply involved in the music scene, promoting new artists and organizing the Traena Festival there.


Ghost Trains

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