Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Lost Where I Belong

Song: Lost Where I Belong
Artist: Andreya Triana
Album: Lost Where I Belong

I first heard of Brighton's (by way of South East London) Andreya Triana from producer Bonobo, who's album "Black Sands" I highlighted a couple months ago.  That album had a handful of tracks with vocals from Ms. Triana, and her debut, "Lost Where I Belong," has a similar vibe to Bonobo's downbeat, more soulful trip-hop, which makes a ton of sense... he's also produced her record.  I'd even argue that hers is much better, but that might just be me, I connect with songs with lyrics much more than the mostly instrumental "Sands."

Triana is a self-taught singer who began to go to open mic nights in her teens, meeting musicians, and learning music from experience.  She was a bedroom poet, and recorded songs on two cassette recorders when she was young.

Her debut recalls Sade to me.  Her voice is sexy and distinctive, and "Lost Where I Belong" creates a very assured vibe... this might be one debut a lot of people will be talking about as the year goes on.  The music is very downbeat, but has a certain urgency to it, that's more emotional than anything else.  I immediately was drawn in by this, check it out.


Lost Where I Belong

A Town Called Obsolete

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