Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hang With Me

Song: Hang With Me
Artist: Robyn
Album: Body Talk Pt. 2

Well, I can't help it.  I'm sort of over-doing it with these Robyn posts but this new stuff has been so exciting... I just need to bring it to you.

If you're not aware, Swedish pop star Robyn has finally followed up her 2005 self-titled album (which admitedly, packed single after single for some time after release, and re-release) with a three-part mini-album project called "Body Talk."  After two great songs leaked from Part 1 ("Fembot" & "Dancehall Queen") we got the official first single "Dancing on My Own" which is STILL gaining ground on the charts and in the clubs.  It's one of her best singles ever... I can't stop listening to it.  The rest of "Part 1" was equally fantastic with additional single material "Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do" and "Cry When You Get Older."  With just eight songs, I wondered if the remaining two additions to the trilogy were filler.

Well, Robyn is already set to release the first single off "Part 2" (skipping possible other singles on Part 1) which is scheduled to be released in early September.  For the first single, she is choosing "Hang With Me," which actually appeared on "Part 1" in acoustic form.  It's cool to know the song first in that version, as "Part 2's" single version is aimed at the dancefloor once again... and it's another home run.

I'm now dying for the rest of "Part 2" and equally excited to see what this entire project will be as a whole.  Let this one dance you out of the summer.


Hang With Me

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