Monday, August 02, 2010


Song: Boyfriend
Artist: Best Coast
Album: Crazy for You

Best Coast are an indie-pop/garage act hailing from Los Angeles.  A mix of fuzzy guitars, sunny melodies, and lead Bethany Cosentino's semi-deadpan vocals.  A dash of The Breeders riot-grrl surf-rock mixed in and you start to get the idea.  I've been listening to this a bit and it's really grown on me.  The production is decidedly lo-fi, yet "Crazy for You" makes a nice impression with its minimal atmosphere and winning melodies.  It's a summer record through and through and recalls lazy beach days and a lot of just hanging out.  I also hear a girl group influence in there a touch, but thankfully doesn't fall into gimmicky territory.

"Crazy for You" is the band's debut, comprised of songwriter/front woman Bethany, multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno, and the recently added drummer Ali Koehler, from the Vivian Girls.  The album comes after the band released several attention-getting EP's starting in 2009.

It's not what I've been typically listening to lately, but I've been digging it quite a bit.

Check it out.



When I'm With You

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