Thursday, August 05, 2010

Don't Turn the Lights On

Song: Don't Turn the Lights On
Artist: Chromeo
Album: Business Casual

Chromeo is an electro-funk duo based out of Montreal, Canada.  They are set to release their third album, "Business Casual" in September.  I had listened to their debut, "She's in Control" back in 2004 and found it to be a little too jokey and just not very... good.  I thought single "Rage!" was alright, but their 80's biting (Hall & Oats, Klymaxx) a little cloying.  Cut to 2010, when EVERYONE is biting the 80's and the band releases a second track from the forthcoming album "Don't Turn the Lights On."  I've been digging this for a couple weeks now and just sort of realized how much I dig it.  They released a song called "Night By Night" from the new album last year, which I just took a listen to... very Night Rider in a way.

This sort of goes either way, either you embrace the cheesy-ness and get into the faux-sleeze, or you label it derivative.  I think "Don't Turn the Lights On" transcends the kitch a bit.

What do you think?


Don't Turn the Lights On

Night By Night

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