Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dog Days Are Over

Song: Dog Days Are Over
Artist: Florence and the Machine
Album: Lungs

I missed this record at the time of its release, despite it being recommended from several friends.  Well, I should say that I got it, gave it a quick listen, and moved on.  But, as any good slave of marketing, I have been simply overtaken my the first track on the album, "Dog Days Are Over" which is being used to great effect in the trailers of the new Julia Roberts movie, "Eat Pray Love."  But that's not the first time the track has been used in media, as it first popped up in the teen drama "Skins," as well as the horror-comedy "Jennifer's Body."

Florence Welsh is Florence and the Machine, an English Alterna-pop act who's debut album "Lungs" garnered much attention upon it's release last year and was a strong contender for 2009's Mercury Prize. (But lost to "Speech Therapy" by Speech Debelle. ???)

Possibly due to the exposure from "Eat Pray Love, " Florence is performing at the MTV Video Music Awards next month, an odd choice for the channel's premiere award show, but possibly a sign that (hopefully) left-of-center music is once again invading into the world of pop.  We'll see.

"Lungs" comes across as a less immediate version of Marina and the Diamonds album.  I need to listen to it more, but currently "Dog Days" has a nice little place on my iPod.


Dog Days Are Over

You've Got the Love

Cosmic Love

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