Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Afraid of Everything

Song: I'm Afraid of Everything
Artist: video?
Album: I'm Afraid of Everything video?, the google-proof name for Tucson, AZ electronic trio comprised of Paul Jenkins, Wes McCanse, and Justin Miller, are currently working on their third album, having started back in 2004 with the LP, "Fireproof Your TV."  Their sound can be described as a mix of Postal Service-style singer-songtronica with the 80's elegance of Simply Red.  "I'm Afraid of Everything" is their latest single released in July as a 7".  I've been really digging the song, as well as the flip-side track, "Feelgooddesperation."  There is a relaxed, semi-loungy, vibe to the songs that feel like lost singles from the 80's.  And yet the production steps things up to the future, with fuzzy electronics and stuttered beats, married with some evocative vocals and lyrics... a perfect mix.  A song for rainy days and heartache.

You can listen to some of their songs from their sophomore album, "Now That My TV Has Wings I'll Never Be Lonely" on their MySpace page.  Some of the tracks from that album hit a bit harder than the more ethereal new material... but their sound is pretty complex, a wonder that they haven't hit it bigger.

Maybe third time will be a charm for the duo, as "I'm Afraid of Everything has been one of my favorite new tracks.  Check them out.


I oddly couldn't find the single on YouTube, but here are some older tracks from the band:

The Day I Exploded


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