Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Song: Memories
Artist: Weezer
Album: Hurley

I used to be a huge Weezer fan.  Their sunny take on pop-rock was a little like Nirvana meets the Beach Boys.  A little angst, a dose of fun, and super-catchy crunchy guitar power pop.  They've held onto the sound, and yet something was missing.  From "Make Believe" on, it's been the same band, but the songs seemed to have lost something.  I blame "Beverly Hills," the song that became their biggest hit and yet, one of their dumbest songs.  Yes, catchy as anything... but aside from a vague "I don't fit in" theme it didn't contain an ounce of real teenage angst and emotion that marked both their debut, and arguably best, sophomore set "Pinkerton."

I'd chalked up my waining interest in the band's new output as just getting older and growing out of their music, and yet there has been at least one song off each album that I've really dug.  Last year's "Raditude" was possibly their most juvenile yet, but it did have a bit of the old Weezer charm in there, and I actually really liked first single "(If You're Wondering if I want You to) I Want You To" quite a bit.  And speaking of singles, I am finding myself once again digging their latest, "Memories" which is on their brand new album "Hurley," which comes out next month and is the first on Epitaph.  I had to groan at the bands choice for album title and cover art (how quickly with THAT age?) but I'm looking past all of that as "Memories," the first track on the album seems to recall old Weezer, and might be the band looking back... at the memory of the band that once was.

I'm probably reaching too much... but I do recognize Rivers Cuomo as an amazing songwriter, who possibly has bended with the pressure of keeping his band on top and writing hits vs. emotional, meaningful songs.

Or maybe I am just getting too old.



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