Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Suburbs

Song: The Suburbs
Artist: Arcade Fire
Album: The Suburbs

As I continue my fuddy-duddy "Alternative Rock left only to have something called 'Indie' move in" way of thinking, I'm most reminded that "my" era of music is over and a new one has begun when it comes to Arcade Fire, arguably the band at the forefront of this new movement comes out with a new album.  I never related with the band, and while I've listened to both of their albums, and found songs that I liked... I certainly haven't connected with them the way I did with bands of similar ilk back in my day. (And how do I say that with a straight face being in my early 30's?)

Regardless, Arcade Fire are a band of note in the current music climate so their third album "The Suburbs" comes with a lot of anticipation.  Set to be released early next month, "The Suburbs" has already garnered much positive praise and is apparently a commentary on modern hipster culture. I certainly haven't gone that deep, though I will say after a couple listens I find it very pleasant, but I really like the first track (and first single) "The Suburbs."  It's got a road-warryiness to it that is an odd jump-off  for the start of an album... like you're just joining a trip that's already been going for some time.  Lyrically it sets up some uneasy feelings, which continue throughout the record.  But it's really a killer track.

Despite not connecting with "Funeral" or "Neon Bible" or really... the band in general, I do like their sound a bit and LOVE "Wake Up" from the debut and "Keep the Car Running" from the sophomore set.  I assume that I'll get over my Arcade block and realize the kids are actually alright.  Someday.


The Suburbs

Modern Man

Keep the Car Running

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Heff said...

I really liked Funeral. In addition to Wake Up another favorite is Neighborhoods #1. I'm excited for the new album.