Monday, July 26, 2010


Song: Barricade
Artist: Interpol
Album: Interpol

Based on the strength of their second album, 2004's "Antics," I thought Interpol has really outgrown their Joy Division comparisons and proven themselves as real force in the garage-rock meets dance bands of the time.  Yet their last album, 2007's "Our Love to Admire" left me a bit cold.  Where ever track on "Antics" was a winner, even the singles from "Admire" couldn't match the assured  mood (and catchiness) of killer songs like "Evil," "Slow Hands," and "Not Even Jail."  The band is set to release their fourth self-titled album in September and "Barricade" will serve as the first single.

Immediately you recognize the band's sound with lead Paul Banks deep voice and guitar work, and typically obtuse lyrics.  I like it... though I think it does fall a bit short of the bands best.  I still do quite like them, so I'm interested in hearing the rest of the album.  The band also released the track "Lights" from the album with a video (see below) prior to the official first single.   The video is typically weird, but the song is a bit of a snore.  I dunno... it has a nice build, just not sure it really goes anywhere.

I didn't realize, but the big news form the band is that bassist Carlos D, who despite not being the lead singer was actually the most recognizable (and notorious,) announced in May that he was leaving the band.  Apparently he contributed to writing and playing on the new record, but will not continue with the band going forward.

I'm not sure how this will effect this album, or the band in general.  While he certainly helped to make Interpol what it is, from his look and well... antics, I don't know how much musically he contributed to the complete band effort.  I guess time will tell.





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