Thursday, June 10, 2010


Song: OMG
Artist: Usher
Album: Raymond vs. Raymond

I fucking can't stand Usher.  I think he's arrogant, obnoxious, and while obviously a skilled dancer and entertainer, these negative vibes I get from him override all of the (little) good.  He was wildly popular a couple years ago, selling twenty million copies of his album "Confessions."  And then Mr. Usher found out about the fickleness of the pop crowd as his follow-up sold 1.5 million.  Ha!

But every once in a while, the dude puts out a single that really just pops.  And as a guy that likes to keep the crowd dancing if he's DJ'ing, I just need to have these singles that move the crowd.   So like "Yeah" from a couple years ago, we now have "OMG" his collaboration with hit-maker  It's pretty infectious and no doubt a big contender for song of the summer.  Yet, with its auto-tune, standard beat, and heck... the cameo, it's standard pop-R&B... and really could be anybody.  So despite the high opinion Usher has of himself, he should be reminded he's only as good as the next track that's written for him.

But I'm just giving sour grapes because I really like this song despite of my Usher-phobia.  So while I get over myself, you enjoy the track.



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