Friday, June 11, 2010

Kissed It

Song: Kissed It
Artist: Macy Gray
Album: The Comeback

I've always sort of dug Macy Gray's particular brand of crazy.  Her debut, "How Life Is" made a pretty big splash and garnered a huge hit in "I Try" which I honestly, got tired of really quick.  While I dug her voice, I liked her more upbeat and quirky stuff.  This was on full display with her sophomore album "The Id" which I really really dug but didn't give her any hits.  I sort of, along with everyone else it seems, fell totally out of favor with the singer and I missed her last two albums.  Now along comes "The Sellout," her first album since 2007's "Big."

First single "Beauty in the World" has failed to take off here (It's a bit like "I Try") so she's going with the very cool "Lately" as the first single in the U.K.  Despite liking that song quite a bit, I am REALLY hooked on "Kissed It" which is being used for a neat summer promo on Bravo.  The song features Velvet Revolver and has such a great rock & roll/electronic/R&B emergency to it... I think it's infectious and really feel good.

I've only been able to listen to the whole album a handful of times but really do like it.  I was surprised not to see the single she put out (or didn't) last year called "Slap a Bitch." It was part of some alter-ego named Nemesis Jaxson that sounds really interesting but I assume was't a real commercial venture.  (Maybe that's what "The Sellout" is all about.)  Despite that thought, the album is still filled with Gray's off-kilter personality, voice, and vibe.  Like Kelis (in a completely different way) I think I've always been drawn to Macy's style of R&B vs. the more cookie-cutter and conservative stuff that is way more popular.  Hopefully she can find a hit on here.


Kissed It

Beauty in the World


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