Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Best Friend

Song: Best Friend
Artist: The Drums
Album: The Drums

Imagine if the Smiths sort of wanted to be the Beach Boys and you have an idea of what NYC's The Drums are like.  It's cute jangle indie pop that you can dance to (or at least bop) that's lo-fi yet sunny.  Cute.

The band has been making the blog rounds since last year with a debut EP, and their self-titled debut was just released yesterday.  They remind me of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and the new round of indie music that sounds like the old round of "Modern Rock" from the 80's.  Well, resisting the impulse to sound like an "it's-all-been-done" fuddy-duddy, The Drums have something... a certain charm that makes their music sound more than just a re-deaux of something from the past.

First track "Best Friend" really typifies their sound.  Also check out "Let's Go Surfing," very fun.

Check them out, this could be your summer soundtrack.


Best Friend

Let's Go Surfing

I Felt Stupid

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