Monday, June 14, 2010

Fresh Blood

Song: Fresh Blood
Artist: Eels
Album: True Blood: Music From the HBO Original Series Vol. 2

Any "True Blood" fans out there?  Season 3 got off to quite a bang last night, immediately getting us back into the action from where we last left off while opening a couple new mysteries and now sort of typical WTF?!?! moments.  I'm glad to have the show back!

To coincide with the start of Season 3, HBO is releasing "True Blood: Music From the HBO Original Series Vol. 2" which came out just in the last week of May.  I haven't heard Vol. 1, though I played the theme, "Bad Things" by Jace Everett quite a bit when the show first launched.  Everett is back on this volume with C.C. Adcock with a track called "Evil (Is Going On.)" It doesn't have the punch of "Bad Things" but typifies the music from the show, Southern Gothic rock & roll that gets under your skin and... well, makes you want to do bad things.

The soundtrack also contains new and old music from M.Ward, Beck, Robbie Robertson, Lucinda Williams & Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, and Thievery Corporation to name a couple.   It's actually a really well done compilation, immediately getting you into the vibe of the show.  I was also happy to hear "Shake and Fingerpop," a song I remember from one of Maryanne's crazy parties from last season.  The song is by Jr. Walker & The All Stars and is one of those even-if-you-don't-know-it party jams that'll get you moving.  Very fun.

Mainly because it so just sounds like the show, I chose the Eels "Fresh Blood" to highlight.  Great sexy song.  It's going to be a good season!


Fresh Blood - Eels

Gasoline & Matches - Buddy & Julie Miller

Shake and Fingerpop - Jr. Walker & The All Stars

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