Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Electric Lady

Song: Electric Lady
Artist: Tesla Boy
Album: Modern Times

We've got "The Karate Kid" and "The A-Team" at the top of the box office and in the indie-dance music world... well the feeling is the same.  The 80's are back.  In a big way.  Take Russia's Tesla Boy and their debut album "Modern Times," (Haha with the title) which a delicious synth-pop throwback to the "me" decade.  These "modern times" are turning out just as I'd predicted... dance music is back again, and in a big way.  (On a side note, I saw RuPaul give a speech on Monday and he lamented the same thing. "Dance music is back... people are ready to have fun again!")  I hear ya sister!

I like "Modern Times."  It might not be doing anything totally new but it fits in with the new reaching back to look forward state of music. (Has it finally all been done?)  And Tesla Boy are nothing if not confident, check out this from the press release for the album:

"Tesla Boy teased us in 2009 with two spectacular EPs but that was just the appetiser. It’s now 2010 and the main course, 'Modern Thrills' is ready to be served.

It’s the album they had to make; it’s the album that only they could make. Consolidating their position as the greatest pop band in the world today. They may well be the music industry’s best-kept secret outside of their native Russia but 'Modern Thrills' sees them set to tear through the iron curtain and into a Western World salivating for their synth-pop banquet.
There is no cashing in on the eighties revival. There is no cynical marketing to target demographics. This is Tesla Boy. This is what they do. They make 100% distilled pop music direct from their soul."

"Synth-pop banquet."  I love that!!!  Haha.

Check out lead track "Electric Lady" which basically tells you all you need to know about the band and what to expect.  Good retro fun.  I also like the reggae-lite... ummm synth-pop banquet that is "Synchronizing."  Quite gorgeous.


Electric Lady



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