Thursday, June 17, 2010

Continental Lover

Song: Continental Lover
Artist: OST & Kjex
Album: Cajun Kunch

Here's an odd but very cool little house record from Norwegian duo OST & Kjex.  "Cajun Lunch" is their sophomore album following their debut, which was a surprise nominee for a Best Electronic Album Norwegian Grammy.  That album, "Some Cheese but not all Cheese Comes from the Moon" established the duo as forward-thinking food-obsessed visionaries.  They released a handful of EP's all with the food thing going on, ("More Songs About Cheese and Revolutionary Tarts," "How to Be a Biscuit," "The Boston Food Strangler") and turned their attention to the dancefloor.

I haven't heard their early material, but "Cajun Lunch" has been on repeat for the last couple days.  A mix of electro, funk, disco, and house... it's a bit of a musical smorgasbord that jumps from cool background lounge to more immediate dance-pop.  I hear some familiar sounds throughout... I kept hearing part of RuPaul's "Cover Girl," though I am assuming it's a familiar-ish house sound, in "Continental Lover" and I kept hearing the Pink Panther Theme in the one-two punch of the very odd "Bluecheeseblues Part 1 & 2."

This is a pretty great record from start to finish.  It's got some fun male falsetto vocals, as well as the sort of standard diva-ish female vocals.  And while on one hand "Cajun Lunch" has a familiarity to it, it's got some eccentricities that I find charming and really connect with.  Check this one out.


Continental Lover

Mosambique Travelplan

Bluecheeseblues Part 1

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