Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Time for the Devil

Song: Time for the Devil
Artist: John & Jehn
Album: Time for the Devil

Here's an album I've been listening to a couple weeks now that's really grabbed me. It's a dark atmospheric rock & roll throw back to legends like Joy Division, Roxy Music, and the Velvet Underground. John & Jehn are really couple Nicolas Conge and Camille Berthomier, whom moved to London from France in 2006 to start their music career. They recorded their self-titled debut in their bedroom which was released in 2008. "Time for the Devil," their follow-up, was just released in March.

I haven't given the debut much of a listen, but "Time for the Devil" almost sounds like a lost classic from another time. It drips with the feel and strut of late 70's/early 80's city-bred underground rock. It's a little goth, without making it a gimmick... and these songs really stay with you, with melodies that unfold after repeated listens.

After a short intro, the album really kicks off with the title track, which begins with a church-like organ, and then dives into what sounds like an Echo & The Bunnyman song... but it's not. It's new. Like a lost song from "The Lost Boys," but way cooler. Next track is mainly sung by Jehn, "Oh My Love" which sounds very PJ Harvey both in song title and sound. Actually, as the album continues you can sort of play "what's the influence?" Hearing a little Beach Boys in the open of "Vampires," and there is SOMETHING about "Down Our Streets" that sounds familiar... I just can't place it.

Don't get me wrong, this album doesn't feel like a re-tread. It's sort of like a Tarantino film. It's pieces of a lot of other stuff from the past, yet the sum of all those parts is completely original. It just all ends up sounding quite classic and quite good. Check these guys out.


Time for the Devil

Oh My Love


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