Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Stop the Music

Song: Stop the Music
Artist: The Pipettes
Album: Earth vs. The Pipettes

I was only a so-so fan of the Pipettes debut from 2006, "We Are the Pipettes," finding it a little too cute and cloying for repeated listens. And the girl-group of 50's/60's motif was a little too hipster-cute for my taste. Well, the girls are back with a bit of a different sound... and different girls...

The band itself was actually "an experiment in manufactured pop" by singer-songwriter and promoter Monster Bobby, and saw some girls shuffled prior to the debut album. As they are set to release their sophomore album, "Earth vs. the Pipettes," there are actually no original members left from when the band first formed. While manufactured "bands" like this never seem to hold up (Spice Girls, N*SYNC, you name it) I must admit that I've been listening to the digital five-track "Stop the Music" EP that's been released prior to the new album, and I'm really digging it. The female harmonies are still there, but the music ventures out into a little new wave, a bit more electronic, and much more 80's than their initial faux 50's/60's sound.

The band released the single "Our Love Was Saved By Spaceman" back in February, which is found on the album, and now "Stop the Music," which I really dig. So... while I was reluctant to give this band any more of my time... I am intrigued by their new direction. I think I just have an allergy to all things hipster.

I'm hearing an ABBA/Kylie hybrid with this new output... what do you think?


Stop the Music

Our Love Was Saved By Spaceman

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