Thursday, May 06, 2010


Song: Soldiers
Artist: Mademoiselle Caro & Frank Garcia
Album: Left

Here's an interesting fun little pop record from Ben Watt's Buzzin' Fly Records. Mademoiselle Caro (AKA Caroline Laher) & Frank Garcia are a French duo who are releasing their sophomore album "Left" this year. They met in 2006, Caro had been a resident DJ for many years at Paris' Rex Club, and released their debut album "Pain Disappears" in 2008. I haven't heard that album, but I understand it's a bit more electronic and dance oriented. From the onset, they wanted "Left" to be a little more organic, acoustic, and pop. The result is a mix of dreamy pop melodies, house-lite beats, and minimal (depending on the song) electronics.

"Left" isn't an attention-grabbing album, in fact I'd listened to it a couple times and thought it pleasant but nothing grabbed me immediately. Repeated listens have garnered little moments of recognition from a melody here, a beat here, etc. Check out the single "Soldiers," which is one of the more upbeat tracks, but will give you an idea what to expect. It's funny, it's at times very "lounge" and semi-background music... but the vocals are placed up front, and mixes both straight-up pop melodies and a hint at the experimental. And then you'll have a straight-up rock song like "Drive," bringing another dimension to the overall sound. Nice.

I'm also a sucker for a cooing French accent, even though it's all in English.



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