Friday, May 07, 2010

Alors on Danse

Song: Alors on Danse
Artist: Stromae
Album: Alors on Danse

Stromae (born Paul van Haven) is a Belgian singer-songwriter and prodigy of sorts. He began writing music at eleven, and started a hip-hop group in his late teens. He was producing music himself, and while training at a music station in Brussels, the manager, impressed by his song "Alors on Danse," decided to play it first on his station. The reaction was explosive, and his career was born.

The single came out in September of last year and has reached number one in Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Austria. He's releasing a mix-tape of sorts, a collaboration with DJ Psar this year called "Mixture Elecstro." I only took a brief listen to it, it's a lot of mash-ups of Stromae with other songs. So-so.

BUT, "Alors on Danse" is a killer track, with a horn riff as irresistible as Rune's "Calabria" and easy to see how its become so popular in Europe. Stomae has quite a flow, even though I don't know a thing he's saying.

Thanks to my old friend Lee for cluing me into it. I think it's a great hip-hop-house track and one that'll get your weekend going.


Alors on Danse

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