Friday, May 28, 2010

Money Can't Buy You Class

Song: Money Can't Buy You Class
Artist: Countess Luann
Album: Money Can't Buy You Class

Well, after seeing last night's episode of "The Real Housewives of New York," and Andy Cohen's silly post-show "Watch What Happens Live," I was compelled to hurl this grenade of a song at you.  I have read people say this is the worst song ever written... which is, of course, debatable... and while I do think it has elements of pretty awful, I am a fan of the show and love the ridiculous wink-wink irony of the whole thing.

"Countess" Luann de Lesseps, into the third season of the show, decided that while she always wanted to be a singer, and like Atlanta's Kim Zolsiak, will not let knowhow, or actual talent, get in her way.  Which is total 'Housewives.'  Of course, all the footage we've seen is how terrible her voice is, which isn't exactly the way you normally promote a single, but the show is all about flipping "reality," and thus the powers that be that have created this house-lite pop confection have flipped the script... instead of the terrible singer that must defend that she/he can sing when they really can't (standard music business) for both Countess Luann and Kim Z... we already know that they can't sing.  So you must, if you're willing at all, to bask in the joy of listening ironically.  Less you be tardy for the party...

So how is the song?  Well... it is sort of terrible, with ridiculous lines pulled from the Countess' crusade on manners, and very little actual "singing" more like just... speaking, and an auto-tuned within in inch of it's life chorus.  I was personally reminded of the "music" of America's Most Famous Transexual Amanda Lepore, and Countess Luann's voice (which when talking I think is actually pretty amazing, and amazingly sexy) sounds totally drag queen, which in a way... is sort of what the Housewives go for. Over-the-top female bitchiness, with a wink-wink ridiculousness that you sort of can't believe.

And I sort of can't believe this song exists.  And that I've listened to it multiple times.  And that I've heard it out at the bars more than once.  And that I'm even writing about it...

But money can't buy you taste either.  At least there is irony.


Money Can't Buy You Class

This video, with no affiliation to the show, is kinda funny.

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