Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Song: Tenderoni
Artist: Kele
Album: The Boxer

I hadn't realized that Bloc Party sort of broke up... or they're on hiatus.  It seems the band, and lead singer Kele Okereke, have had different ideas about the future of the band, hints of a permanent break up were dropped, then denied.  Regardless, band member Russell Lissack has revived his music project Pin Me Down, and Kele is releasing a solo album late in June titled "The Boxer."

As Bloc Party went through their three albums, it became clear that electronics and dance music were becoming priorities for someone in the band, so it comes as no surprise that from what I've heard from "The Boxer" has been much more electronic than the Cure/Joy Division/Smiths vibe of Bloc Party.  I love Kele's voice, and love the emotional resonance of his lyrics and yet... while I have always loved all that Bloc Party came out with, I feel they have always been trying to follow up their amazing debut "Silent Alarm."

Maybe Kele was feeling that as well, what I've heard from "The Boxer" is very different, not just because of the electronics, but the song structures are much more experimental.  Even lead single "Tenderoni" doesn't have the melodic hooks and verse-chorus-verse we've come to expect from Bloc Party, but hey... that's what dudes go solo.  To break free.

Check out the three tracks from the album that have leaked thus far below.



Walk Tall


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