Thursday, May 27, 2010

Can't Shake This Feeling

Song: Can't Shake This Feeling
Artist: Grum
Album: Heartbeats

Grum is an electronic artist out of the U.K. and his debut "Heartbeats" was just released this month.  The album is, more than any other recent indie-dance records, inspired by the 80's.  It immediately reminded me of new favorites like Kisses and Shy Child, a modern take on 80's style disco.  The album has been compared with Mylo's "Destroy Rock & Roll" and Daft Punk's "Discovery."  I'd go along with that, though as much as I love both those records, "Heartbeats" is decidedly less pretentious and hard-edged.  It's going for pop bliss as much as dancefloor gold.

The album opens with a couple of killer singles, "Through the Night," a good, building start, and then "Can't Shake This Feeling," female-voiced euro-disco that again, sounds both a touch modern and decidedly in the past.  There's an odd cover of Bowie's "Fashion" that I didn't recognize right away as it sounds so different from the original, but it's good.

I liked this album immediately, check it out.


Can't Shake This Feeling


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