Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Song: Hormones
Artist: Tracey Thorn
Album: Love and the Opposite

Tracey Thorn has one of the more gorgeous voices I've ever heard.  Loved the jazz-pop she did initially with Everything But the Girl, and LOVED their dance music rebirth post the success of "Missing" and especially loved their last proper album, "Temperamental."  It's crazy to think it's now been over ten years since that album came out, with no word if we're going to get another record from the duo (with hubbie Ben Watt) every again.  But with the release of 2007's "Out of the Woods," Thorn had re-started her solo career, with an album mixing her brand of singer-songwriting and the dance music we've gotten to known with E.B.T.G.  This time, we don't have to wait the 25 years between albums, just three... and we have "Love and the Opposite."

I liked "Out of the Woods," despite it being much less dance than the E.B.T.G. material, but it was good.  "Love and the Opposite" in contrast, doesn't have one dance song, and instead is a folk-y song-cycle about family and divorce.  Not exactly a fun trip, but it's a good album, and Thorn's voice is as beautiful as ever.  "Oh, the Divorces!" starts the album with a waltz-like vibe, detailing what the rest of the album has in-store for you.  Aside from two covers, each song is written solely by Thorn, and you can tell this is a personal album.  The production is top-knotch, and I really like the breezy pop of "Hormones," and the slow-dance that is "Singles Bar."  Thorn has always been a master at sad-sack and lovelorn, and "Opposite" has it in spades.

Don't expect the dance sound you've gotten to know from Thorn, but if you loved the more quiet moments from "Out of the Woods," you'll love this album.



Oh, the Divorces!

Singles Bar

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Josh said...

I've heard "Hormones" a couple of times over the past couple of weeks. Love the melody and the catchy beat.