Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Virus

Song: Happy Virus
Artist: Hundreds
Album: Hundreds

Odd. Here's an album I stumbled across a couple weeks ago that I've been enjoying, but can't really find anything about the band. Hundreds have a website and MySpace page that have a couple videos and tour dates... I'm not even sure where this band is from. Again, odd.

Well, the self-titled, I'm assuming debut, from this mysterious band is a mix of female-lead vocals that remind me a bit of Suzanne Vega or Tracey Thorn, light, sometimes experimental electronics, and some spot-on melodies. It was easy to pick out "Song for a Sailor" and "Happy Virus" as the singles, they are the most "pop" of these songs with less experimentation. I really love "Happy Virus," it's a bit Dido with more mystery and less longing... and the more electronic interludes give the song a more off-kilter feel than the building of emotional sonics that she normally employs.

I guess I'm trying to say that it's a hard album to describe, but I quite like it. Check it out. I see that there are a bunch of remixes to "Happy Virus" available on iTunes, again... no band description. Is this a mystery or just a case of bad marketing?

Hmmm. Enjoy.

Happy Virus

Song For a Sailor


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Harley said...

Brother and sister band from Hamburg - I think. Hundreds translates to "Dog Speech"