Monday, March 01, 2010

Ambling Alp

Song: Ambling Alp
Artist: Yeasayer
Album: Odd Blood

"Odd Blood" is the second album from Brooklyn-based indie-rock act Yeasayer. The band produced the album themselves, and it's a mix of experimental rock and psychedelic pop... sort of hard to pinpoint... but it's become one of my favorite new records. Apparently, the band has gone a bit more pop than on their debut, which I haven't heard, but "Odd Blood" comes across as a less whipper-snapper MGMT, but I also hear shades of Modest Mouse (when they try for catchy) "Bone Machine" era Tom Waits, a little Radiohead, a little Arcade Fire, and even a little Paul Simon. It's quite an amazing record, and one that gets better with each listen.

It starts on a very experimental, almost industrial "The Children," and then the "pop" kicks in with the reggae-lite world music vibe of the excellent "Ampling Alp." Also excellent is the 80's style ballad "I Remember" and the rhythmic, punchy "O.N.E.," which is the second single. "Mondegreen" sounds like Modest Mouse eating The English Beat. The album is really just chock full of off-beat, wildly interesting tracks... and in some ways sounds like "Amnesiac" done as a pop record.

This one comes HIGHLY recommended.


Ambling Alp



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