Friday, February 26, 2010

Nice Weather for Ducks

WeCast Music Trivia!

Song: Nice Weather for Ducks
Artist: Lemon Jelly
Album: Lost Horizons

Dear Readers,

It's a special Friday as I have a little contest for you. This week, starting with Neon Neon's "Stainless Style" and ending with today's album... "Lost Horizons" by Lemon Jelly, all the albums I've blogged about have something specific in common. And the first person that comments on this post with the correct answer gets a very special gift from WeCastMusic! Please include your guess, and your e-mail address in the comment. Go!

"Lost Horizons," Lemon Jelly's first album proper can only be described as Jazz-influenced Psychedelic Chill Out. It's an oddly sunny record that soars by on sampled voices, acoustic guitar, piano, and a trippy kitchen-sink approach to music. Many of the songs go on for over seven minutes and sometimes... sometimes... it can get a bit annoying. But, it's such a great mood record, and has so many great blissed out moments, it's very worth checking out. Oh... and a little factoid... it's exactly one hour long.

The best stand-alone track (as this is an album to listen to from start to finish) is the dizzy, silly, "Nice Weather for Ducks," that has a 60's British Psychedelia vibe. Totally bonkers... and totally charming. "Space Walk" and "Experiment No. 6" can get downright claustrophobic, and it all ends with the jazzy, from-a-spy-movie "The Curse of Ka'Zar." It feels like there is some meaning to it all... yet I certainly don't have it. Might be best a mystery.

Lemon Jelly have only released three albums (and their first was just a collection of early EP's) and are currently on hiatus. I'm also a fan of their second album "'64 - '95" which is much more pop oriented, though no less strange.


Nice Weather for Ducks




Anonymous said...

I give up, what's the connection for this week's albums? Harley

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, all the artists are form the UK: 2 from Wales, 3 from England. Is that it? Harley

WeCastMusic said...


Well, I discovered all of these albums for a very specific reason, (maybe too specific) and realized that I would need to accept two different answers, and Harley got one of them...

All of the records from last week had been nominated for the Mercury Prize, which was created by the British Phonographic Industry and gives the prize for the best British or Irish album of the year.

So yes Harley... they are ALL British! (And also nominated for the Mercury Prize.) None of them won... but all were recognized by the organization as one of the exceptional British/Irish albums of that particular year.

I happen to come across the list of nominees and began to check out albums that I'd never listened to but had heard about and have been very pleasantly surprised. Some very very good stuff.

Congrats Harley! (Could you confirm your e-mail address for me, I'll reach out about your prize.)

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Yes, I can be reached best by email to!