Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Baby Can't Stop

Song: Baby Can't Stop
Artist: Lindstrom & Christabelle
Album: Real Life is No Cool

Here's an odd little slice of 80's nostalgia (-ish) from Norwegian producer Hans-Peter Lindstrom and singer Christabelle. The pair began working together in 2001 and "Real Life is No Cool" is a collection of singles they have put out since then. The record is dreamy at times, and yet the 80's style disco-funk can break that dreaminess... not unlike the 80's feel of Goldfrapp's new single "Rocket," you pause in how DATED it all sounds... and yet, ultimately you don't feel like you're stepping backward at all. Kind of hard to explain.

All of this is best showcased at the album mid-way point with "Baby Can't Stop," where you hear a little Prince, a little "Beverly Hills Cop," and a LOT of 80's horns. It's straight out of that Eddie Murphy/Bette Midler (via her fire-red hair chubby "Ruthless People"/"Outrageous Fortune" phase) buddy comedy that never happened. Outrageous indeed.

While the record jumps around from Moroder-esque disco ("Let's Practice") to even early 90's piano laced house ("So Much Fun") it's Christabelle's quasi-mysterious vocals that hold it all together. It's an odd record... one that once it's over you question it's very existence, and yet you no doubt have been on a very odd, very strange trip. Check it out.

Oddly, someone has put "True Blood" clips with a bunch of tracks from the record on YouTube. YOu can see them below.


Baby Can't Stop

Let's Practice


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