Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Play Together

Song: Play Together
Artist: Chew Lips
Album: Unicorn

"Solo," Chew Lips first single was one of my favorite songs from 2009. It debuted on the Kitsune label, and it was rumored that the band recorded the song, as well as subsequent single "Salt Air" and eight other tracks in their first rehearsal together. Pretty impressive. All of the songs were released as demos, which sounded good... but "Solo" was the clear stand out. I loved lead singer Tigs voice, and was very interested in what they would come up with for their debut.

Well, the bands full length "Unicorn" was released this week and the first thing that needs to be mentioned... they left off "Solo" and "Salt Air!" Now, I thought "Salt Air" was okay, not great, but "Solo" was such a stand out track... I have no idea why they would keep it off their debut album. And yet they include three tracks that appeared in demo form on the "Solo" EP. So, so strange.

So how is "Unicorn?" Well... after getting over the omission, I settled into the albums mid-tempo beats and icy vibe. Tigs voice is still a standout, and the songs have really grown on me given repeated listens. Some of the tracks, including "Karen" have a 90's Alt-rock feel, coupled with the bands electronic beats and synths. It can be quite pretty, and a recommended listen.

As I flip through the album trying to find a particular stand-out track I realize that they are all really good... and yet none stick out more than the others. Maybe that's why "Solo" was left off, as it was SO commanding... I really don't know. Mid-album tracks "Seven" and "Toro" really showcase the tone of the record, so if you dig them... you'll dig the album. "Play Together" is the first single, and was one of the demo songs on the "Solo' EP.

But couldn't they have even just put "Solo" on the end?


Play Together



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