Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dress to Digress

Song: Dress to Digress
Artist: Boy Crisis
Album: Tulipomania

Boy Crisis are a Brooklyn-based indie dance-rock act who just released their debut album "Tulipomania" last month. They sound a bit like the Rapture (but not as good,) have humorous lyrics like Hot Chip (but not as clever... or really funny,) and Pitchfork recently described them as "the absolute worst band in the world right now. Seriously." (Well, that's according to their Wikipedia page, which seems a little jokey anyhow.) Hmmm.

So should you care? I don't really know... I like "Dress to Digress," it sounds like what you'd expect from a hipster bar in Williamsburg. And while that description might tune some of you in, I pause because that would turn me off... but think you should check them out anyhow.

I'm not making a lot of sense... but that's so Boy Crisis.


Dress to Digress

Fountain of Youth


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