Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All The Right Moves

Song: All The Right Moves
Artist: OneRepublic
Album: Waking Up

Jimmy introduced me to this song, the new single by Colorado band OneRepublic. I somehow missed their huge single from their first album "Apologize," which didn't hit until Timbaland gave it the remix treatment. You can hear his influence on "All The Right Moves," which features beats a-la Timbo, who only serves as "Executive Producer." (??)

Ryan Tedder, the lead singer and songwriter for the band has made a name for himself writing pop songs for R&B artists and scored a massive hit with Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love," and got himself into some controversy when Kelly Clarkson publicly noted that her Tedder penned single "Already Gone" had already been released, and sung by Beyonce as "Halo." Kelly didn't want to release the single, but her record label won out... and now she's been performing the songs as a mash-up. Maybe the song did too well for her...


All The Right Moves

Kelly - Already Gone/Halo

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