Monday, November 09, 2009

Cuts You Up

Song: Cuts You Up
Artist: Peter Murphy
Album: Deep

"Cut You Up" was a Modern Rock number one for seven weeks back in 1990, the biggest track on that chart of the year. What strikes me is that this song is now so adult-contemporary no? All of this from a man still considered "The Godfather of Goth" with his seminal late 70's/early 80's band Bauhaus. But that's just how perception and time change things. I suppose a hit's a hit, and this was Mr. Murphy's one and only.

As I get a bit older, and the "cutting-edge" "Alternative" or "Modern Rock" that I grew up with seems to have died a bit, I realize that it's now just called "Indie," and a whole new game. (Marketed do a different consumer) But is it? Regardless that "10,000 Maniacs" were once... well I don't know if edgy is the word, but not mainstream we'll say, and are now played on "Lite FM" stations, things do change. And given ten to fifteen years won't we be hearing "Young Folks" or Arcade Fire on those types of stations?

Something to think about.


Cuts You Up

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Heff said...

When "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is played on Lite FM you can kill me.