Friday, November 06, 2009

Orally Fixated

Song: Orally Fixated
Artist: Róisín Murphy
Album: Orally Fixated

Like Allison Goldfrapp before her, Irish singer-songwriter Róisín Murphy, found her artistic footing with her sophomore album. After her intriguing debut "Ruby Blue" from 2005, she released 2007's "Overpowered" with a new found confidence and sleek musical direction. "Overpowered" was interesting because while I would classify it as Electro-pop, she didn't push for bubbly hooks. Similar to Bjork, she seems to have a musical vision that just sometimes might be catchy, but has an artistic edge that is something new altogether.

Hmmm... I don't think I'm making a lot of sense, but actually a couple listens to her new single, "Orally Fixated" from her as yet untitled third album coming next year sort of drives the point home. It's a glitchy, slow builder with a long intro (for a pop song,) distorted vocals, and odd noises here and there. This is a must in headphones as the first couple spins on computer speakers do not do it justice. Lyrically it's very strong, which reminded me that that was one of the strengths of "Overpowered." And then when the Prince-like guitar bursts in... you realize that you can't continue to call this pop at all anymore. It's just Róisín.

Will her third album be her very own "Supernature?"


Orally Fixated

Here she talks about the new song

Movie Star - So John Waters!

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