Friday, May 01, 2009

Talk to Me

Song: Talk to Me
Artist: Peaches
Album: I Feel Cream

I’m sort of hard pressed to think of a song that obtains such an immediate and strong reaction as Peaches 2000 track “Fuck the Pain Away.” It was catchy, dirty, and just plain outrageous. It was used memorably in “Lost in Translation” and unfortunately, she’s never really wrote a track that could compete with it. That’s not to say that across her discography you don’t find some good stuff, there is just a lot of NOT so good. Actually, I think a best of compilation will be quite good, if not her definitive statement.

I was really disappointed with the excellently titled, but mediocre “Impeach My Bush” from 2006. But her latest, “I Feel Cream,” is a step closer in the right direction. There is still some filler, but it’s as good as “Fatherfucker” in my opinion.

I was immediately drawn to the rock strut of “Talk to Me,” which turns out to be the first single, as produced by Soulwax. The rest is typical Peaches, so if you’re a fan, you’ll dig.


Tall to Me

I Feel Cream

Fuck the Pain Away

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