Thursday, April 30, 2009

Give it Up

Song: Give it Up
Artist: Datarock
Album: Red

Datarock are a Norwegian band best known here for their song “Fa Fa Fa” which was used in an Apple iPod ad. That song also found its way onto a slew of videogames and a Coca-Cola ad.

The band have an interesting sound, heavily influenced by post-punk acts like Talking Heads and Television, as well as a more modern electronics mixed with funk. (Some call it Nu-Disco) Pretty hip shit. “Red” is being released next month and it sounds a bit more urgent than their debut, which didn’t grab me that much aside from “Fa Fa Fa.” They are certainly worth checking out.

First single “Give it Up” is a booty shaker… and check out the funny “Beat-it” style video below.


Give it Up

Fa Fa Fa

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