Monday, May 04, 2009

Stand and Deliver

Song: Stand and Deliver
Artist: No Doubt
Album: Stand and Deliver

While a new album isn’t slated until 2010, No Doubt have reunited for a summer tour this year. To kick it off they have done a stint on “Gossip Girl” as part of an 80’s flashback performing Adam Ant’s “Stand and Deliver.” While this isn’t really huge news, their cover actually has a lot of grit and shows just how different the bands sound is versus the dance-pop that Gwen is known for solo.

I’m not really a big ska fan, so initially when No Doubt hit the scene I cared very little. (Also, I grew to HATE “Don’t Speak” when it was a hit.) But as the band got bigger in popularity I thought they became a better band, and Gwen a better songwriter. That said, I thought their last full length record, 2001’s “Rock Steady” was by far the best, and “Stand and Deliver” really gets me excited to hear new music from the band.


Stand and Deliver – No Doubt

Stand and Deliver – Adam Ant

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